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About Pickup Cars

Is your car idle in your car shed. Why don't you make money by renting them?! Pickup cars provides an opportunity to customers to utilise your astonishing vehicles with clients choice on rent for a short period.

Here you can just document the details of your vehicle/ car, the price you want to offer for, and the location. We will help you in renting your cars. It indeed helps the customer to be picked up from where they are and drop exactly where they need to be. The cars can be rented with chauffeur or without. This is the best medium to reach your customers and your customers can understand what you offer.

you can begin partaking in your street process as you wish without standing by to arrive at your destiny. Best things in the World don't accompany a use limit, and limitless kilometers is our approach to letting you know that your decision of our vehicles is the best choice you make for your journey This will be a little forward step leading you to make your trip without limit, by focusing on counting memories, not kilometers.

Our Features

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Earn with your vehicle

Listing your vehicle hosting is easy. You can host your car to earn extra income to meet life's expenses

Friendly Experience

we promises to ensure a stress free car rental experience for every customer


our car rental and car hire services include Chauffeur drive and self drive car rentals

Customers flexibility

Our services offer individuals the option to pick up a vehicle from a conveniently located parking station or through a doorstep delivery to a location of your choice

Mesmerizing packages

Pay for as much as fuel you use

How does the Pickup Cars Works?


Pick up destination


Once selected, Book our Car and set a pickup date / time


Select Term


Enjoy the ride


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  • Very good services and great staff support with clear guidance how we have to proceed. Budget friendly with moral values.

    Nanda K

  • Trust worthy and well educated team of CIA. All arbitrators services under single umbrella.

    Keshav Kumar